Community Code Of Conduct

Welcome to The Cillers Community (”Community”), hosted by Cillers AB (org 559476-1388), a Swedish corporation, and its subsidiaries (“Cillers,” “we,” or “us”).

Cillers is dedicated to providing the best community experience possible for all Community participants (”Participants”). Our goal with the Community is to foster knowledge sharing, sparking inspiration and providing a supportive environment for all that want to build better software systems faster. All are welcome to join, from beginner to expert.

The Cillers Community Code of Conduct (”Code of Conduct”) governs how we all behave in this Community.

Please report misconduct and inappropriate behavior to

Expectations For All Community Participants

Be Welcoming

All Participants should feel welcome. Please make the extra effort to welcome new Participants and help everyone to feel included in our Community.

Be Kind And Loving Toward All

We expect all Participants to be kind and loving to all.

When resentments and negative judgements arise, we have the opportunity to learn and upgrade our old ideas. We are patient and open to learning from other’s perspectives.

Be Of Service

Our objective is that all Participants get what they need to be able to participate in a nice and productive way. We ask all Participants to be on the lookout if there is anyone that seems to need anything that you can help them with.

Eg. If you spot someone standing alone, please go to them and have a chat and introduce them to others. This is one of the simplest, yet most valuable and rewarding, actions you can take.

We welcome all Participants to be part of our group of volunteers (”Volunteers”). This is an excellent opportunity to have a good time, learn how to run great events and network. We have lots of different services commitments, from welcoming guests in the entrance to helping out with technical support at our hackathons. We also organize special dinners for our Volunteers.

Ask For Service

It is much easier for others to be of service if you ask for help or assistance when you need it.

Be Conscientious

We are fortunate to have sponsors that invest a lot of money, volunteers that invest their time and location partners that offer their office space to our Community. Let’s appreciate their contribution by showing up and being on time.

Show up, if you sign up! Our events are very popular and usually we have a long waiting list. So if you sign-up for our events but don’t show up, you are likely preventing someone else from participating.

The prevalence of registered participants that don’t show up has forced us to oversubscribe our events, which has, in some rare instances, led to us having to block a few late-comers at the door, because of fire security policies. And, in many other cases, it has led to empty chairs at our events while some that would really like to attend are stuck on the waiting list.

Please unregister as quickly as possible when you become uncertain that you can attend an event so we can open up the possibility for others to register. If you unregister the day before or the same day as the event, it will be hard for others to make last minute arrangements to be able to attend the event.

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